Nissin Di700 Flash for Canon Cameras Nissin Di700 Flash for Canon CamerasNissin Di700 Flash for Canon Cameras

Nissin Di700 Flash for Canon Cameras

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MPN: ND700-C
BRAND: Nissin

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The Nissin Di700 Flash is a flash unit for Canon cameras with E-TTL / E-TTL II functionality. The unit has a guide number of 177' at ISO 100 in the 200mm position for illuminating subjects within a wide zoom range of 24 to 200mm.

The Di700 supports cameras with the capacity for wireless flash control. These functions allow for access to flash groups A to C and channels 1 to 4, allowing for more complex lighting setups. Also, manual control is always possible with the use of eight power settings from 1/1 full output to 1/128.

High-speed shutter synchronization allows the Di700 to operate with shutters at up to 1/8000 of a second. With this speed, the flash can serve as a fill light when working in bright light with a wide open aperture. Additionally, included with the unit are a stand for secure placement off-camera and a soft case for storage.

Allows for -2 to +2 EV compensation in half stop increments

Multiple flash exposure control methods: 1st curtain sync and high-speed sync

An AF-assist light will provide accurate focusing in l